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Unitronics is a global company, a designer, developer, producer & marketer of Programmable logic Controllers (PLCs) the computer ‘brains’ that automate mass production lines. Our mission is to make automation simple, efficient, & cost-effective. Our vision is to leverage automation technology with cutting-edge communication technology.


New Jazz®2 Models

Twice the Power ▪ 30x the Speed ▪ Same Low Price


Following the release of JZ20-R31 we are proud to introduce an additional two new models: JZ20-R10 and JZ20-R16. The Jazz® 2 series is a game-changing model. It is thirty times faster, has twice the memory, and sells for the same low price as the JZ10-11-R10 and JZ10-11-R16.


In addition to all the core features, JZ20-R10 and JZ20-R16 come with the following enhancements:


  • More than 30 times faster performance
  • Double the memory size for Ladder code and OS
  • Built in mini-USB programming port
  • Future support for external Ethernet port, details will be announced at a later date


8 Digital Inputs / 8 Transistor Outputs, 24VDC
sku: IO-DI8-TO8
more details...
8 Digital Inputs / 8 Transistor Outputs, 12VDC
sku: IO-DI8-TO8-L
more details...
8 110/220VAC Digital Inputs
sku: IO-DI8ACH
more details...
1 Loadcell/Strain gauge Input, 1 Digital Input / 1 Setpoint Digital Output
sku: IO-LC1
more details...
3 Loadcell/Strain gauge Inputs, 1 Digital Input / 1 Setpoint Digital Output
sku: IO-LC3
more details...
4 PT100 / NI100 / NI120 Inputs
sku: IO-PT400
more details...
4 PT1000 / NI1000 Inputs
sku: IO-PT4K
more details...
16 Relay Outputs, 24VDC
sku: IO-RO16
more details...
16 Relay Outputs, 12VDC
sku: IO-RO16-L
more details...
8 Relay Outputs, 24VDC
sku: IO-RO8
more details...
8 Relay Outputs, 12VDC
sku: IO-RO8L
more details...
16 Transistor Outputs, 12/24VDC
sku: IO-TO16
more details...
Programming kit. Includes software CD, Programming add-on port, programming cable, D-type adapter
sku: JZ-PRG
more details...
RS232/RS485 add on port, cable and adapter
sku: JZ-RS4
more details...
24VDC, 6 Digital inputs, 4 Relay outputs
sku: JZ20-R10
more details...

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